Over time your carpets accumulate dust, grit, pet hair and grime. Perhaps you have particularly tough marks and stains like red wine, paint, ketchup or coffee which won’t come out using traditional cleaning methods. If your carpet is in a high traffic area like a hallway or lounge, it can also accumulate dirt which is so unappealing, it can make a whole room look tired.

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with a carpet, it just needs a good clean to bring it back to looking like new. Thats where Fabclean come in!

If you ever find yourself in need of carpet cleaning Surrey and upholstery cleaning Surrey, you’ll find Fab Clean to be the ideal solution. Founded in 2002, our 15 years of experience has given us a keen understanding of what a wide variety of customers look for in their carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our professional, truck-mounted team is comfortable in both residential and commercial environments and will be able to provide the thoroughness and nuances needed by any client.

Our business is driven (quite literally!) by our state-of-the-art truck-mounted carpet and upholstery cleaning setup. This incredible machine uses its own internal combustion engine.

Like many, you may be wondering why a carpet cleaning business needs such powerful apparatus. The simple answer? For a powerful result! The internal combustion engine provides power to water jets, which pump steam at 1,200 per square inch. This steam is mixed with Fab Clean’s own safe fabric shampoo, which is formulated specifically to kill the germs and loosen the dirt that may be clinging to your fabrics. When the pump is being used, any excess water is vacuumed up immediately, and pumped back into our truck-mounted waste water tank.

As all the machinery we need is contained in our truck outside, our team don’t have to bring any heavy equipment into your property, meaning less noise disturbance for you and your family or co-workers.

Our service guarantees super-fast drying, with 98% of moisture recovered during the cleaning process; minimal noise compared to other carpet cleaning services; an ultra-hygienic cleaning process with all dirt and germs being pumped outside to our truck; quick turnaround, and the efficiency and customer service stemming from 15 years of experience. We’ll even throw in a free stain removal kit, and honour our money-back guarantee if you’re not 100% satisfied with the result.

If you want all these great benefits from one reputable cleaning service, call us now to arrange your clean!