Other Cleaning Services

Upholstery Cleaning

Your sofas, armchairs and other soft furnishings can collect dirt, stains, pet odours and other grime over time. When your furniture gets to this stage, you might think the only option is to replace the furniture, which can be very expensive.

Fabclean use our specialist equipment and expert knowledge to restore your upholstery to look like new. If you run a business which uses a lot of upholstered furniture, such as a cinema, hotel, restaurant, bar, event space or even a cruise ship – our truck mounted cleaning system is an ideal method to restore large numbers of chairs to prolong their life, improve hygiene and odours – keeping your premises fresh, clean and respectable.

Office Cleaning

Fabclean have been offering office cleaning services for a number of years and have many satisfied customers. We can offer a nightly cleaning service or a weekly service. We understand that each office will have unique requirements, so please call us to discuss your requirements with our helpful, friendly and experienced team.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tiles and grout can become riddled with limescale over time, due to their porous nature. At Fabclean, we can restore tiles to their original glory. We can help with all types of tile cleaning including:

  • Marble Polishing
  • Terracotta Cleaning
  • Travertine Polishing
  • Limestone Polishing
  • Slate Cleaning
  • Victorian Tile Cleaning
  • Porcelain Tile Cleaning
  • Ceramic Tile Cleaning
  • Sandstone Cleaning
  • Quarry Tile Cleaning
  • Granite Tile Cleaning
  • Terrazo Tile Cleaning
  • Flagstone Cleaning
  • Grout re-colouring


One of the sad realities of climate change, is the increased frequency of flooding in low lying areas.

When carpets and furniture are left dirty and waterlogged, many people assume that everything needs to be thrown away and replaced. This is simply not true!

The beauty of our Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning system that not only does our machine pump super high pressure hot water with special shampoo into your carpets, it also vacuums excess dirty water away with its 98% moisture recovery. Compare this to theĀ 50% moisture recovery you get with a standard carpet cleaning machine and you’ll see why so many people choose our method when a disaster strikes.

After a flood perhaps its hard to see past the mountain of work required to get your home back. We understand. But at Fabclean we are trusted by insurers who use our services to restore carpets and soft furnishings back to their original condition. Whilst each case is unique, in some instances the restored condition may be better than the condition the carpets were in before the flood!

If you need your home back, give Fabclean a call today. We promise our courteous staff will leave you feeling better as we do our best to help you to get back on your feet.


Using dry steam at 350 degrees centigrade we can naturally eradicate bed bugs and completely sanitise your mattress and soft furnishings without using any insecticides or chemicals. This method will leave your room completely fume free and safe for you, your children and your pets to use immediately after cleaning. Watch the video below to find out more.